BJ and Da Dogs: Insane in the Membra

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Somewhere in the backwoods of Vermont there is an asylum for kids the '80s forgot: the boy who played so much Qbert he started seeing everything as a series of blocks, the girl who ingested the hair of 100,000 troll dolls, the gay twins who (after huffing too much hot pink tempera paint) turned a McDonald's Hamburglar toy into a fierce killing machine. Required reading at this place-where, despite being adults by now, everyone still wears shrunken Tetris t-shirts and crazy-patterned Zoobas wrestling pants-is the new book, BJ and Da Dogs (softcover; Picture Box Inc., $29.95). Emerging from the Technicolor loins of Pittsburgh/Western Massachusetts-based design trio Paper Rad, said book is a post-traumatic electronic childhood acid trip extended and remixed over 224 pages of eye-ripping illustrations, photos, poems printed with Mac SE fonts and comics featuring triangle-nosed insomniacs and gay computers. When the kids read it, they get strangely agitated, but in a good way. And somewhere in the background, Timbuk 3's "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" softly weeps.