Bubblin': Dark Sky

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Who:Dark Sky
Where: London, UK

Just when London's post-dubstep scene seemed like it couldn't possibly spawn any more talent, Tom Edwards and Matt Benyayer of Boogaloo Crew hooked up with classmate Carlo Anderson and started dropping quality tunes under the name Dark Sky. 2010 has seen the trio unleash the classic rave worship of "Something to Lose," the 8-bit stomp of "Ghost Notes," a killer 2-step remix of The xx's "Crystalised," and the darker, bass-loaded Frames EP, the debut offering from the upstart imprint Pictures Music. A Dark Sky track was also included on the recent Ninja Tune XX compilation, and a future release on Blunted Robots is in the works.

Listen: The xx "Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)"

Listen: Dark Sky "Something to Lose"

Listen: Dark Sky "Night Light" from the Frames EP

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