Bubblin': Gatekeeper - XLR8R

Bubblin': Gatekeeper

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Where: New York, NY

Gatekeeper's music has a decidedly spooky aesthetic, and it's one that can be traced back to members Aaron David Ross' and Matthew Arkell's Chicago art-school days. The pair met in 2005, and found inspiration in a YouTube video of electronic music pioneer Mark Shreeve covering John Carpenter. After that, the duo set about combining techno, Chicago house, Italo, and a heavy dose of industrial into a dark-yet-dancefloor-friendly brew. Their debut single, "Optimus Maximus," dropped in late 2009 and was followed last December by Giza, a new EP accompanied by a series of similarly dark-minded videos.

Watch: "Chains"

Watch: "Serpent"