Bubblin': Iron Curtis

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Who:Iron Curtis
Where: Berlin, Germany

Like many house acts, Johannes Paluka's primary influences can be traced back to classic sounds of Detroit, but as Iron Curtis, this German producer puts his own stamp on the genre, stirring a real sense of soul into his subtle—but never minimal—brew of deep house and techno. Maybe it's because he grew up listening to his father's Motown records, although Paluka claims that his tastes have always been rather eclectic. Over the past year he's released a series of EPs on a number of labels, including high-quality outposts Mirau, Morris Audio, and Mule Electronic.

Listen: "Rawls" from the forthcoming Undertones compilation, Raw is the Truth

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Mano Le Tough
1. Bibio Lovers - Carvings (Catz and Dogz Re-edit) - cdr
2. Jay Shepheard - Umzug - Dirt Crew
3. Hrdvsion - Captivated Heart - Wagon Repair
4. Taron Trekka - Shirol - Brut
5. Cole Medina - Red Hot - Internasjonal
6. Jacob Korn - Mirrorflip - Dolly
7. Nufrequency feat. Ben Ono - Fallen Hero (MCDE Remix) - Rebirth
8. dOp & Catz and Dogz - Deaf Wagrant - Watergate
9. Mano Le Tough - Baby, Lets Love - Dirt Crew
10. Terada Yokota Shimada - Sun Shower (Larry Levan Mix) - Colombia

Iron Curtis
1. Leaves - Mary Mary (Slushy Vocal Snippet)
2. Johannes Albert - New Games
3. E & F - T.e.
4. Mateo & Matos - Raw Basics (Instrumental)
5. Secondo - I Think I'm Gonna Like
6. The Big Crunch Theory - What To Say (Roman Fluegel Remix)
7. Scott Hardkiss - Come On, Come On (Morgan Geist Remix)
8. Dexter - 1992 (Instrumental Version)
9. Claro Intelecto - Back In The Day
10. Ron Trent - Making Love (Original Version)