Bubblin': Juju & Jordash

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Who:Juju & Jordash
Where: Amsterdam, NL

Jazz heads and house fiends rarely run in the same circles, but Juju & Jordash (a.k.a. Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski) just might allow the two groups to see eye to eye. The duo met while both men were living in Haifa, Israel and playing in a variety of post-rock, jazz, and experimental music groups, but eventually relocated to Amsterdam, where they began producing house music in earnest. 2009's self-titled album is their most recent offering, and with its spaced-out, vaguely psychedelic sound and predilection toward improvisation and live instrumentation, Juju & Jordash proved that straight-up house music doesn't have to be retro or a total snore.

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