Bubblin': Laurel Halo

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Who:Laurel Halo
Where: Brooklyn, NY

While the washy synthscapes and peppy drum-machine beats of her debut EP, King Felix, underscore Laurel Halo's place in the current class of Brooklyn bedroom producers turning out leftfield electronic pop, her music is also marked by a sheen and wondrous nature that recalls vintage 4AD. Maybe it's the many years she spent training and playing classical piano, the time spent in various orchestras, free-improv ensembles, and noise groups, or perhaps the lengthy stint as a college radio DJ, but the 25-year-old artist born Ina Cube displays real songwriting maturity and an ability to deliver emotive material without venturing into tortured-art-school-student territory. Initially self-released, King Felix was recently reissued with a new edit from Oneohtrix Point Never on the Hippos in Tanks label, which will be releasing another Laurel Halo EP this spring. A debut album is in the works, as is a split 7" with CFCF and a few other odds and ends.

Listen: "Supersymmetry"

Watch: "Metal Confection"