Bubblin': LOL Boys


Who:LOL Boys
Where: Los Angeles, CA/Montreal, Canada

In 2010, the notion that the internet brings people together is already cliché, but in some cases it really rings true. Producers Markus Garcia and Jerome Potter actually met on a message board, bonded over their shared tastes in music, and began working on tracks together. Based on the slew of re-edits, remixes, and original tunes the pair has unleashed in recent months, it appears that those tastes include shuffling tropical percussion, pitch-shifted vocal samples, warped R&B sounds, and upbeat dancefloor rhythms. Their debut EP, 123, came out on Palms Out Sounds in early August, and will be followed by another release on Discobelle shortly thereafter.

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Download Para One "Toadstool (LOL Boys Remix)"
Download Korallreven "Loved-Up (LOL Boys Remix)"
Download Expendable Youth "Cannibalistic (LOL Boys Remix)"

Watch: "123"