Bubblin': Nicolas Jaar

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Who:Nicolas Jaar
Where: New York, New York

In 2004, Nicolas Jaar—who was all of 14 years old at the time—received a Villalobos album for Christmas from his father. So yes, one could say that he was on the right track pretty early on, at least as far as dance music was concerned. Born in NY, Jaar actually spent much of his childhood in Chile before returning to the Big Apple at age 11 and delving into house and techno production as a teenager. By the time he was 17, Jaar had his first proper release, 2008's The Student EP on Wolf + Lamb. Subsequent records and remixes have appeared on Circus Company, Get Physical, and his own Clown and Sunset imprint, which is currently set to release a couple of Jaar tunes as part of a special collaborative LP called Inés, to be released via a custom USB. When he's not putting the finishing touches on his debut album, which is slated to drop next February, Jaar also finds the time to study comparative literature at Brown University, where's he currently a junior.