Bubblin': Space Dimension Controller

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Who:Space Dimension Controller
Where: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Space Dimension Controller claims to be a resident of Mikrosector-50, the new home of the human race after Earth was declared dead—due to alien invasion—in 2259. Apparently he began making spacey, Balearic tunes to combat the boredom of space travel and later miraculously traveled back through time to our present. The story is certainly wild, but 19-year-old Jack Hamill has the talent to back it up. He's remixed Anthony Shakir and counts Kyle Hall as a fan of the analog synth sounds and pulsing techno beats that populate last year's The Love Quadrant EP and his recent Journey to the Core of the Unknown Sphere EP. A new single is slated for release on K&S this summer.

Listen: "The Love Quadrant"

Download: Unidentified Flying Oscillator (free 14-track album)