Bubblin': Supra1

Publish date:

Where: Krakow, Poland

Remix contests often seem like cheap promotional gimmicks, but every once in awhile, they do unearth something special. Tomek Urbanowicz and Thomas Wirski came together in late 2008 when NY's Trouble & Bass held a Little Jinder remix contest, and the pair's epic, wobbling rework of "Polyhedron" became an unexpected dancefloor monster. A number of remixes have followed (more are on the way), but now Supra1 has unveiled its first official release, the Still Believe EP on Trouble & Bass, which contains not only a ridiculous remix package from heavyweights like Brackles, L-Vis 1990—download that here—and Gucci Vump, but another surprise smash in the form of b-side "Ghoster."

Listen: Little Jinder "Polyhedron"

Listen: Supra1 "Ghoster"

Listen: Supra1 Podcast for Trouble & Bass