Bubblin': Teengirl Fantasy

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Who:Teengirl Fantasy
Where: Oberlin, OH

It might seem like Teengirl Fantasy is playing at every amazing warehouse party in Brooklyn these days, but the band actually spends much of its time at Oberlin, where band members Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss are still finishing up their degrees. When they're not studying, the duo crafts a fuzzy brand of lo-fi electronic dance music that references shoegaze, classic Nintendo, rave divas, and washy '80s synths. To date, only a few Teengirl Fantasy singles have been released, but a debut album for True Panther/Merok is on the way, along with remixes for Lemonade and HEALTH and a collaborative 12" with fellow Oberliners Blondes.

Listen: "Azz Klapz" (from the TGIF EP on Pukekos)

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Listen/Watch: "Portofino" (from the "Portofino" 7" on Merok)

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