Bubblin' Up: Hissy Fit

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Who:Hissy Fit
Where: Montreal, Canada

Outside of a few notable exceptions (Egyptrixx and Jacques Greene spring immediately to mind), the Great White North hasn't been particularly well represented when it comes to the whole post-dubstep/garage scene. 32-year-old Newfoundland native Matthew Hiscock is doing his part to change that, turning out impressively polished, garage-inspired productions as Hissy Fit, not to mention more eclectic offerings under his own name and glacial house music as North Atlantic. Last year saw the release of his Crosstrainers EP on Phuturelabs and the "Berry" 12" on Swing and Skip, and Hiscock made a solid live appearance at this year's MUTEK festival.

"Outdoor Life"


Download "Berry Dubby Dub"