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Bubblin' Up: Khruangbin

The exciting Texan trio go deep on the story behind their unmistakable Thai-influenced, bass-heavy, psychedelic outpourings.
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Bubblin' Up: Lou Phelps

The rising Montreal rapper reflects on his career to date and muses over new music.
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Bubblin' Up: Perel

The rising German talent reveals the story behind her upcoming album on DFA Records.

Bubblin' Up: Kllo

The rising Australian duo explain how they became Ghostly International's premier pop act.
Cinthie-092 by Marie Staggat

Bubblin' Up: Cinthie

The Beste Modus boss muses on her new imprint, balancing motherhood with touring, and remixing Kerri Chandler.

Bubblin' Up: Kareful

One of wave's most in-demand artists muses on his career, the wave scene's successes, and what's on the horizon.
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Bubblin' Up: Derek Piotr

With his new album on the way, XLR8R dialed up the New England-based sound architect to muse on his inquisitive style.

Bubblin' Up: Z@p

We catch up with one of Uruguay's most exciting talents.
Andrew Charles

Bubblin' Up: Mor Elian

We sit down with the rising artist to discuss her history, musical direction, and what's next.

Bubblin' Up: Eaves

The Brooklyn-based architect explores the spatial influences behind his latest album.

Bubblin' Up: Jay Daniel

One of Detroit's most promising artists muses on his thought-provoking debut album and career so far.

Bubblin' Up: Varhat

XLR8R travels to Paris to learn more about one of the most exciting talents in the French music scene.

Bubblin' Up: Junes

XLR8R spends an afternoon with the Galdoors co-founder at his home in Berlin.

Bubblin' Up: A Pleasure

Following a blissful debut album on Jaar's Other People, Mark Hurst discusses his inspirations and unique production methods.

Bubblin' Up: Clovis

An emerging master of sophisticated and subtle 4/4 sounds plays the upcoming XLR8R bash.

Bubblin' Up: Howes

Possesed circuits and luminous phantasms: A young modular-loving producer releases a debut LP brimming with rich, phantasmical rhythms.


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