Casual Fridays: Back to School Edition

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Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves.


The Decomposition Book
I love composition books. I kept all the ones from my college daze, and I continue to use them on a daily basis. I came across these Decomposition Books (clever name) at a trade show a few years ago. Great for the environmentally conscious note-taker, these books are made of 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper using bio-gas-derived energy. In other words, this is the perfect notebook to bring to a study date at your local Whole Foods. I like the grid-ruled paper, as it is ideal for making "mind-blowing" geometric artwork when not paying attention in class.


Eastpak Backpacks
It seems like a lot of companies have been reproducing vintage mountaineering-inspired backpacks as of late. These are great if you want to look like you're about to go climb Mt. Everest in 1975. For those of you who want to approach this school year in a more casual fashion, let me direct you to this seasons line of Eastpak backpacks. Simple, basic bags in fresh colorways and prints. Obviously, I'm a fan of the florals, but some of the other patterns, as well as the solids, look real on-point as well. Unfortunately, the "e-shop" doesn't cater to the states. Maybe this will motivate you to finally make that move to the Netherlands you've been talking about all this time.


Fisher Space Pens
Everybody needs a good pen, no? Well, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is where it's at. For starters, this one is rainbow... ZONG! It's tiny, won't explode in your pocket, and has been exhibited at the New York MOMA for years (impress your friends with that one). Furthermore, the ink cartridge is designed to work in freezing-cold conditions, extreme desert heat, upside down, underwater, and in outer space. I used this pen the first time I went to the Moon and it worked magnificently when I jotted down my one observation: "Theory confirmed! Made of cheese." Also, a great day-to-day pen for all you normals.