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Casual Fridays: Clog Boots, and Outfitting Your MacBook in Pendleton.

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Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves.

Pendleton Wool Macbook Case
Pendleton blanket wool saw a lot of use last year, and for good reason: It looks really amazing. That said, I've seen enough of it in the outerwear department. Whenever I see somebody in a Pendleton blanket coat, I immediately think of Dumb & Dumber when Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels get all Aspen'd out—not the best look. For those like me, who love the fabric but don't need to make a statement, I direct you to Etsy. Sellers like Ginny Vyvan are making some amazing accessories at great prices. I think these MacBook cases look fantastic, but don't forget to check out the other stuff as well. There's something for everyone.


Stewart & Strauss Varsity Jackets
I'm a huge fan of varsity jackets. Unfortunately, it's often difficult to find one that fits. More often than not, they are wide, boxy, and built for the biceps of Dwight Howard. Stuart & Strauss have been making top-shelf varsity jackets since 1977. The best part is that they actually fit. They are fully customizable and come in every color of the rainbow. Want text? They can do that as well—from script to varsity letters. Stuart & Strauss "use only the finest 'felt' lettering." I'm quite stoked that after 12 years, I've finally found a home for my sophomore-year varsity tennis letter. Game, set, match.


Epaulet Stella Clog Boot
I've seen the clog boot kicking around New York on the feet of this city's very lovely ladies for some time now. There's never an overwhelming amount of these on the block, but a few pairs usually make a cameo on the daily. I really love them. Some might argue that the clog boot is a little on the "I'm a cool mom who runs her own independent business" side of things, but those naysayers don't sway me. I think they are perfect for ladies of all sorts. I picked this particular pair because I always see them in the store window next door to my apartment. Each pair of these is handcrafted in Sweden's Ugglebo Toffeln factory specifically for Epaulet.