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Casual Fridays: Mad-Scientist Shades and Clarks Goes '90s!

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Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves.

Clarks x Laura Ashley UK Desert Boots
I was walking down Broadway the other day and noticed that Clarks had released the classic desert boot in a few new colorways. While trying to find them in cyberspace, I stumbled across Clarks' UK website. Holy cannoli! As a long-time Clarks lover, I don't know how I ever missed this. They offer some nice men's options, but the women's desert boots really steal the show. The Laura Ashley models are so spot-on, as the print brings a nice sense of femininity to this classic boot. While Laura Ashley dresses were quintessentially '90s (in a bad way), Clarks brings back the brand in the best way by placing prints on the foot. For added spring inspiration, I recommend checking out the floral desert boot as well.


Norse Projects x ELKA Raincoat
I own a lot of Gore-Tex coats, but the problem with a waterproof breathable fabric is that at some point, water is going to sneak its way in. The only real way to stay dry in a downpour is to wear a slicker. This means throwing on a bright yellow piece of rubber and hitting the town looking like the Gorton's Fisherman... until now. Norse Projects has teamed up with fellow Danes ELKA to bring us this functional, yet fashionable, raincoat. With heat-taped seams and 90% PVC construction, this jammer is going to keep you dry as a bone. Added bonus: Wear this coat through a New York summer and you'll never need to hit the jacuzzi again. #PERMAPRUNED


Wintercheck Lizzie Sunglasses
Wintercheck sunglasses are a great option for those who want a unique pair of frames at an affordable price. These grey frames look great and the red tips really make them pop. Additionally, Winterchecks are made in the USA and come with a neat waterproof carrying case. The built-in blinders are not for everybody; they have a bit of a mad-scientist/super-villain feel to them, but I'm okay with that. Heck, at $60, it's hard to turn these down.