Casual Fridays: Summer Essentials, Part Two

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Summer Essentials, Part 2

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. (Click here to see last week's Summer Essentials, Part 1)

If you're anything like me, you loose and break sunglasses. No real point in shelling out $100 plus on fancy sunglasses that I'm just going to leave on the yacht. There are a lot of cheap sunglasses options out there, but these are one of my favorites. The round frame is the move—a great way to differentiate yourself from every other human being in a pair of Wayfarers. As for the blue lenses...maybe they'll help you better relate to your goldfish.


Hawaiian Shirt
Straight up, I'm into the Hawaiian shirt. What's more summery? Male or female, I think they look great. I can't say the rest of the world is feeling me on this one, but such is life. I walked into an art-world party the other night wearing shorts with a striped tee and Hawaiian shirt on top. The record basically skipped and everybody looked at me like I was Eddie Murphy in Coming to America. All's I can say is don't worry about what other people think. Embrace the summer "tourist" look. Best accessorized with a camera around the neck.


The Summer Hat
I have a fantastic head of hair, but some days I just wanna keep the sun off of my beautiful face. Last Saturday, I was downtown and the good people at aNYthing were kind enough to kick me down one of these hats. The ventilated side panels make this cap the perfect breathable summer number. Reminiscent of those '90s Patagonia hats, but in more blissed-out summer colors. Shout out to aNYthing!


The Romper
Women really win in the summer-comfort department. Skirts, dresses, rompers...easy breezy. I'm really jealous there's no socially acceptable male equivalent to any of these. I suppose I could just go get weird in a sarong somewhere. Goa full-moon rave anyone? Anyways, there are a million romper options out there. In my humble opinion, nothing beats a good floral, but hats off if you can wear the above with confidence.


Again, ladies, you win. By the time fall comes around, summer will have basically destroyed my feet. I could easily solve this problem by wearing sandals. Unfortunately I don't think I have the funds to get bi-monthly pedicures. As for the ladies, relish in the opportunity to let your feet breathe. Take those dogs for a walk and allow your feet to take in some vitamin D. I understand that the summer sandal decision is a big one, so no need to heed my advice. The female version of me would probably wear the above as both of my spirit animals are represented. Perhaps the male version of me wears the above in the privacy of my own home...who knows?!