Casual Fridays: Unisex footwear, rave t-shirts, and crystal earrings to keep it open-minded.

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Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves.


If you read this column with any regularity, you may have noticed that I have a real love of the Balearic Islands. Chilling with Paul Oakenfold at a roofless Amnesia circa 1985—Alfredo Fiorillo on the decks, obviously—sounds pretty ideal to me. Sadly, I'm writing this from my windowless office in industrial Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A man can dream. In honor of Spain, I decided to shout out the espadrille this week. These are sort of the ultimate summer-footwear move. Wearing them makes me feel like a real tropical fat cat. There's an old Spanish company called Alberola that has been making them for years. They are a little difficult to find stateside, but you can get them through the Japanese site Rakuten for a really reasonable price. Unless the science of time travel really jumps off this summer, chances are you're not going to make it here, but with a pair of espadrilles, your feet just might feel a little more Balearic.


The Smiley Face Shirt... Gone Digital
In 1988, acid house hit the UK, and with it came the smiley-face t-shirt. As the story goes, the UK press initially endorsed the movement, and the Sun even offered smiley-face t-shirts to readers. However, after an ecstasy-related death, the press quickly changed its tune and demonized the movement. The Sun withdrew its t-shirt offer and replaced it with "Say No To Drugs" pins featuring a frowny face (according to Simon Reynolds' Generation Ecstasy). So this begs the question, is it time to bring back the smiley-face shirt? Here's my answer: If you're willing to wear the smiley-face unironically, in the spirit of 1988, then by all means—go for it. Alas, it's a hard look to pull off. For those who want a more modern take on this old classic (like, all two of you out there) then check out these Smiley Face QR Code t-shirts. Dorky? Yes. But let's just take our masks off and admit that QR codes look really far out. Let's get digital and confuse our grandparents.


Australian Cube Crystal Earrings
The other night I ran into my friend Patrick. I assume we probably talked about something Britney Spears-related, but I don't really remember, as his crazy rainbow-prism earring was getting the majority of my attention. Anyways, I took a picture of said earring and after extensive internet trolling, I believe these to be them. They look great in person—literally eye-catching, and crystal clear with a splash of rainbow brilliance. I believe these are listed as women's earrings, but I'm gonna go ahead and call them unisex—time to break free from the shackles of gender constructs. Check out the other studs on this site as well—lots of great new-age-post-rave earrings.