Chatterbox: Cooly G

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Ever since Cooly G (a.k.a. Merrisa Campbell) dropped "Love Dub," her debut single for Hyperdub, it's been obvious that she's a special artist. That's why we made her a primary focus of our 2009 feature exploring the UK funky scene and some of its initial mutations, back before terms like "bass music" were being carelessly tossed around. Now, three years later, Cooly G is offering up Playin' Me, her debut full-length. Over the course of its 13 tracks, the South London producer takes the subdued, UK funky-tinged beats and gorgeous synths which defined past Cooly G releases and adds a hearty dose of her own sultry, reverb-soaked vocals, which brings a whole other layer of emotion and personality to the proceedings. Last week, we caught up with the charismatic Campbell via Skype IM to chat about the album's themes, songwriting, and how a Coldplay cover ended up on her new LP's tracklist.