Check Out Our 2010 Elements Wrap-Up

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For the year's end, we had Elements compiler Andrew Porter create a must-have list of gear for 2010. Check back later in the week for his men's and women's style features.


Muji Passport Notebook
I try to carry a notebook with me at all times so I can take down these genius ideas. A Moleskine doesn't fit in my back pocket and those Field Notes notebooks always fall apart. I use these Muji Passport Notebooks—compact and durable.


Canon S90 Digital Camera
Hands-down the best compact digital camera I've ever owned. Tons of manual settings and great for low-light/night photography. Honestly, you could take a picture of that ghost in your closet sans flash and it would come out looking like dynamite.


Gucci Card Holder
In 2010, I was informed that I'm near diabetic and suffering from sciatica. I'm 28 going on 60. I started going to physical therapy for my sciatica and Fabrizio, my Brazilian physical therapist, told me to ditch the George Costanza wallet for something slimmer. This Gucci card holder fits everything I need and saved my back. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


L.L. Bean Signature Zipper Duffle
This was a year full of reproduction clothing and gear. The L.L. Bean Signature line did some really nice stuff. I always wanted one of these bags, but they were a bit too expensive on eBay. Needless to say, I was quite pleased when they were reissued. A great, affordable alternative to Filson's luggage collection. Perfect for all the traveling I don't do.


The Swatch Watch
I'd love a Rolex but, alas, I have to pay rent, so I take a more affordable route. Swatches are classic. Always unique and really creative. If you're not into the current collection look here for Swatches at an affordable price.


Timex Camper/Brooks Brothers Watchband
The plastic watch isn't always my thing. The Timex Camper watch is a great alternative. It's also a great-looking classic and the $20 price tag is unbeatable. Want to dress it up a notch? Buy a Brooks Brothers nylon watchband for $14.50.


Kaweco Sport Pens
I bought one of these in Berlin, and it is the perfect pen. Compact, refillable, and reliable. As of yet the Kaweco Sport has not exploded in my pocket.