Check Out Our Favorite Underground Resistance Tracks, Along With a Chart From Rolando

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While he's no longer a part of the legendary Underground Resistance collective/label, DJ Rolando is no less militant in spreading techno's gospel all over the world. As you've maybe read in our recent feature on the Detroit-reared Rolando Rocha, he's since moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, and is still turning out techno killers left and right, regardless of where he lays his hat at night. So we've decided to get a taste of what he's rocking on the dancefloor these days from the man himself. And if that's not enough, we've also assembled a quick-and-dirty list of some of our favorite UR tracks—naturally, no such list would be complete without Rolando's "Jaguar"—to get your day started right.

DJ Rolando's Current Top Ten

1. Ben Sims "Smoke and Mirrors"
2. Samuel Sessions "Inner City Dust Vol. 2"
3. James Kumo "Signal Failure (Oliver Deutschmann's Slimix)"
4. V/A "Detroit: Deepconstructed"
5. Tripmastaz & Arram Mantana "Terrorhythm"
6. Yoav B "Sunset Glow Disko"
7. James (a.k.a. Plural Johnson) "Track 4"
8. D's & C's "Last Days (Sls remix)"
9. Monoloc "Nonhouse"
10 Argy "Daze to Come (Beats Version)"

XLR8R's Favorite Underground Resistance Tracks

?DJ Rolando "Jaguar"

?Underground Resistance "Electronic Warfare (Take Control Mix By Aux 88)"?

Underground Resistance ?"Orbit"

Nation 2 Nation "303 Sunset"

Galaxy 2 Galaxy "Hi Tech Jazz?"