Clothes Captioned: D-Structure

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A San Francisco store and clothing label keeps it all local, all the time.

Never mind a child—it takes a village to raise a store. At least, that’s true of San Francisco’s D-Structure. The shop is a testament to the Bay Area’s streetwear scene, repping local lines Exact-Science, Free Gold Watch, Gold Coin, and Rebel 8, alongside their in-house labels D-Structure and Dirty Six. Located at the historic corner of Haight and Fillmore—where upscale salons and stores meet gunshots and medical marijuana clinics—D-Structure is a prime hangout spot for local skaters, sneaker fiends, and fly ladies, whose familiar faces can be seen modeling clothes for the company’s online shop.

D-Structure supports the local art and graffiti scenes, holding monthly gallery shows and channeling S.F.’s chilled-out street styles into its casual pieces. “Our art-driven apparel is really our bread and butter, and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” says owner Azikiwee Anderson. With exotic herbs wafting in the breeze, iced coffee in hand, and the new Hieroglyphics record bumping on the stereo, Anderson tells us a bit more about D-Structure’s favorite in-store items.

1. Gold Coin 1 Up ?rugby shirt ($70)
“With only 300 pieces made, Gold Coin keeps your steeze exclusive. Check out”

2. D-Structure Smoking Hands t-shirt ($30)
“Josh Lawyer strikes again with an abstract and inquisitive piece exclusively for us.”

3. Iron Fist Dirty Harry women’s hoodie ($60)
“A reversible hoodie with a Debbie Harry tribute on front and leopard all-over print inside.”

4. D-Structure I DSSF t-shirt ($32)
“Our logo is the lightning bolt. It can mean something different to everyone but it’s still a sign of power, strength and the idea of size and scale.”

5. New Leaf Deep Breath t-shirt ($32)
“Inspired by life, New Leaf clothing blends organic, handmade works of art with modern design aesthetics by artists Erik Otto and Deny Khoung.”