Clothes Captioned: Evil Genius

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Space-age prints, rainbow foil, and tie-dyed plaid satisfy your wild side.

As the name suggests, Evil Genius is not for the timid. With metallic foil graphics, bold prints of lips and bird skeletons, and colors ranging from neon red to the brightest turquoise, the seven-year-old brand channels Sunset Boulevard glam, Harajuku pop, and London sass with a sunny, sexy outlook that’s pure Los Angeles. “I wanted a little bit more of a space-agey, Tokyo, rock ’n’ roll vibe for the spring collections,” explains designer Toni Young. “Raw edges and distressed elements mixed with touches of fluorescents and gradient prints.” Young keeps her work environment similarly fun, luxurious, and laid-back, with a vintage Thierry Mugler rhinestone jacket on the back of her chair, a bottle of Dom Perignon on her desk (a gift from Three 6 Mafia), and Kaiju, her rescued terrier, at her feet. With Stones Throw oozing out of the stereo, we asked Young to tell us more about the tees, tunics, and eye-popping patterns she brings to life.

Logo t-shirt ($40)
This tee incorporates many of my favorite things: metallic foil, funky fonts, and gradients. My first attempt at a "foil/ink gradient.”

Starry Lips t-shirt ($40)
I wanted this to look like an old-school heat transfer but didn't have the resources for the real thing, so I printed a layer of clear gel over the screenprint for a shiny, heat-transfer effect.

Snake Skull t-shirt ($35)
Continuing with more of my obsessions: bones and rainbow foil.

V-Neck cut-out tunic ($48)
This fabric was an accident–it was supposed to be a burnout print but was printed on the wrong fabric and it burned holes all over it. Happy accident!

Double V tunic ($60)
Continuing with the space-age influence, an all-over starry print on fluorescent yellow.

Tie-dye plaid hoodie ($120)
This is super-limited edition for my flagship and online store only. I’ll probably make about two dozen of these unisex hoodies–just enough for the people bold enough to wear them.