Clothes Captioned: Freshjive

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Back in the day, you couldn’t set foot in a rave without spying a citrus-colored Freshjive shirt (probably a take-off on the Tide or Fruit of the Loom logos), or a copy thereof. Subterfuge and social commentary is still the name of the game for this Los Angeles brand, whose spring 2008 collection alone contains riffs on Afrocentric ’90s hip-hop, cholo culture, and Middle East politics–plus plenty of their now-infamous logo parodies, from a re-release of the aforementioned Tide rip-off to versions of the Pop Will Eat Itself and Oakland Raiders icons. Rhyming and stealing hasn’t always been easy (a recent lawsuit from Stüssy comes to mind) but that hasn’t stopped founder Rick Klotz from pushing the envelope, or the growth of the Freshjive enterprise, which now includes the SoCal surf-inspired Gonz clothing line, a store (Reserve LA, on Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood), and the publication of an annual collector’s mag, The Propagandist, which is an outlet for Klotz’s photography and inspirations. Here are some special selections from the company’s spring line.

Breed hat ($40)
The Breed New Era cap, inspired by the classic 1991 MC Breed video for “Ain’t No Future In Yo’ Frontin’.”

Punks t-shirt ($36)
Inspired by the legendary Brand Nubian and their hit single “Punks Jump Up.”

Stand or Fall t-shirt ($28)
From a famous, very poignant quote by Malcolm X.

1989 zip-hoodie ($88)
This one’s athletic-influenced, with an Olympic theme. Freshjive 1989 refers to the year that Freshjive was created.

Resurgent varsity jacket ($290)
This varsity-style jacket’s got a heavy wool body with white leather sleeves, plus a quilted and printed satin liner and hood. Check the O.G. Freshjive logo patch on the chest and back!