Clothes Captioned: In4mation

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In4mation creative director Rhandy Tambio counts Johnny Cash, skater Eric Koston, surfer Tom Curren, and Bob Marley among his style icons, an ethos reflected in the Hawaiian brand’s mix of street, surf, and skate with a laidback island flair. In4mation began throwing shakas in 2002, when partners Tambio, Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, and Jun Jo started screenprinting tees out of their two Oahu skate shops–one in suburban Miliani, the other in tourist-laden Waikiki Beach. Last May, Tambio and women’s designer Elska Sandor (of Rookie Skateboards fame) opened a New York office, where they created the most recent collection of easygoing men’s and women’s streetwear to a soundtrack of Angry Samoans, Desmond Dekker, and Shai Hulud. We caught up Tambio liberally dosing his lunch with Tony’s Creole Seasoning, and asked him what to wear for the next endless summer.

Navy plaid button-down short sleeve
We just love this kind of shirt, so we did our own version with pops of Hawaiian prints hidden under the pocket flaps and center placket.

Etnies/In4m Sal Barbier shoe
We’ve been blessed to do this collaboration with Sal’s shop, SLB, and Etnies. We cut down the puffy tongue and colored it up in black and all red to pay tribute to Sal’s classic style.

Grey shorts with waterproof pocket
We wanted to make waterproof pockets in case you suddenly fall in the water or someone dumps a drink on your crotch.

Kate Moss tee
It’s our social commentary on brands that always use Kate’s likeness in a religious manner. Sorry Kate, you still rule!

Fish Hook bag and hat
This pattern is an inside joke, since we’ve been talking about opening an In4mation tackle shop. You’ll definitely “hook up” with the ladies, or be the catch of the day!

Respect Locals hoodie
Being born and raised on an island makes you appreciate and take pride in being from somewhere.