Delphi Collective's Favorite Things

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San Francisco's Delphi Collective adds a humble touch of class to an over-hyped design world. In the past four years, Matt Irving's company (which encompasses a t-shirt line, an online portal, and a design house) has logged some serious coups, including the Nike Hunter Dunk, board graphics for Stereo, and a shoe and signature series of boards for Element. Irving is also involved in Umbrella Market, an online shop for one-of-a-kind items by Jeremy Fish, Mars-1, and others. This summer, look for a new line of Delphi tees, collaborative hats with Kangol, and art shows with Don Pendleton and Todd Francis. Right now, check Irving's must-haves.

1. Optimus Keyboard
Leave it to the Russians to create something nobody else has thought of but everyone can use (like borscht). Word is that this keyboard (by Moscow's Art Lebedev Studio) will allow you to sync up to all major programs, and have key commands right at your fingertips. It'll be like a Gold's Gym for your hands!

2. JP Helmets
I bought one of these helmets off eBay but have no real purpose for it. I don't own a scooter or a motorbike. Regardless, I'm wearing it as I write these reviews. Safety first. If you own a Vespa, you should get one of these for your girlfriend. She'll love it and it'll make you feel like you're straight out of Quadrophenia.

3. Crownfarmer/Stacks Catastrophe T-shirt
I love this t-shirt, designed by my friends Michael and Laura Leon from Stacks for my other friend, Crownfarmer's Bob Kronbauer. Nothing is better than wearing a shirt that your friends designed, especially when you chose to pay full price for it because you like it so much.