Derrick Hodgson's Favorite Things

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Derrick Hodgson (also known as Mad Real) creates crazy, chaotic worlds populated by floaters, poppers, peepers, and sprouts–doodled characters that are mixed-up and pastel-colored, but with personalities not unlike those found on Earth. The bearded Hodgson grew up on a farm north of Toronto, and even though he now calls the big city home, he keeps in touch with nature, surrounding himself with light, plants, and animals, and subsists mainly on ale and wild blueberry pie. Hodgson recently collaborated with camping retailers Mountain Equipment Co-op and on t-shirts with fellow Torontonian Tania Sanhueza. He's also been hard at work on two forthcoming winter art shows in Toronto and Madrid. His boombox humming with the gentle strains of King Jammy, Loscil, and Neil Young, we asked Hodgson what products he wholeheartedly endorses.

Tom Dixon Eco Ware table set ($199)
This "Eco Ware" table, cup, and bowl set reminds me of backwoods cabins and chuck wagons. They're 80 percent bamboo, but the remaining is a resin binder so if ya drop 'em and they break, instead of chucking them in the garbage, just pitch 'em on the old compost pile.

Tania Sanhueza Kaleidoscope Owl ($150) and New Year Mushrooms ($110)
Tania Sanhueza is a Toronto-based artist who works primarily with textiles. These little sculptures are done in the true folk/craft tradition using recycled material and lots of love. The burrowing owl is an endangered species here in Canada and I love the mushies, especially when they are made out of cashmere. (Available at Magic Pony)

Grain Surf Boards ($1950)
These sliders are pure works of art. I have never ridden one of them but I'm saving my pennies. The Wherry 6.4 Fish is what I have my eye on. Handmade goodness outta Maine.