Dust La Rock's Favorite Things

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Dust La Rock (also known as "Dusty") is the alias of Brooklyn-based graphic designer Joshua Prince, who is "30 going on 21." When he's not causing drunken havoc with his bike crew Team Awesome, trying to sell us his crappy old neurofunk drum & bass records, or walking Buddylove (his Jack Russell terrier), Prince is designing eye-popping work for the likes of Claw Money, DJ A-Trak, and The Orb. He's best known for his cheeky club flyers–which are full of "illustrative, surreal, and psychedelic subversion, and constant drug references"–but is currently at work on a series of skateboards and tees for Seattle's Manik Goods, plus pimping the sterling silver absinthe-spoon necklace he designed with BiJules NYC and collaborating with Kid Robot, Zoo York, and photographer Chris Glancy. We wanted a ride down the block on his BMX pegs, but first we asked him what's really good in Williamsburg.

1. OCD Straight Razor Necklace (Price Varies)
OCD (Obsessively Chasing Dollars) is a New York-based online store and product line. In their own words: "A daily operation supplying the streets with choice goods to keep only the serious street cat looking and staying fresh. We do not produce or condone heartless streetwear or accessories. We are an online shop that manufactures our own style of whatever we feel the streets are lacking." Word up.

2. Googly Eye Cru Pillow ($40)
If you live in New York, Seattle, Phoenix, or San Fran there's no way you could miss pairs of black & white googly eye stickers on fire hydrants, mail boxes, and light posts. The Googly Eye Cru is two female artists hailing from Brooklyn whose mission is to bring life to inanimate objects. To this end, they have hand-silkscreened and constructed these 19" round cotton pillows. Each pillow has a GEC-approved label and button attached. Spread the word.

3. Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks ($100)
I first saw Alexander Girard's fabric, pattern, and graphic designs for Herman Miller in a book of the same name about five or six years ago, and instantly fell in love with his work. Recently, House Industries released these printed alphabet puzzle blocks incorporating some of Girard's more famous iconography and lettering. As my man Cody would say, "Something for the kids."