Eye Spy: Indie Music Videos

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Chances are, you will not be getting $7,000,000 to direct a widescreen space-age pop odyssey, as Mark Romanek did for Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream." But it is eminently possible that you could direct a music video for your favorite indie artist. If that's your dream, then Visual Rocks (IdN/Gingko Press; softcover/DVD, $29.95) might be your inspirational tool. The title highlights 19 music videos from the likes of Beck, Audio Bullys, and Pete Miser. No artist commentary here–this project emphasizes the creative teams (including MK12, Nylon Motion, and Nakd) behind the music. In the book and its accompanying DVD of interviews and videos, we watch Lightborne create a burning, paper-cut version of L.A. for Bad Religion, find out how Cat Solen got Evan Rachel Wood and Terrance Stamp to act out a plane crash for Bright Eyes, and follow Faile as they translate the heavy themes of power, corruption, and consumption into a video for France's La Phaze. There's not much glam here–sorry, Junior Hype Williams–but a ton of useful stories and tips make this the ideal package for frustrated creatives.