Factozoid!! Circlesquare!

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All the weird facts you never knew you wanted ?to know about Circlesquare's Jeremy Shaw.

Circlesquare is a brainiac!
“My main obsession right now is MRI and CT brain-imaging scans of people under the influence of mind-altering drugs, or representations of the effects of cumulative use. I’m working on a bunch of visual art that uses them as source material so I have been going great lengths to find them, which is quite difficult if you aren’t a neuroscientist or neuroscience student.”

Circlesquare hates the prime minister!
“Unfortunately, after the U.S. finally stands up and votes a forward-thinking president into office, Canada is actually under the most right-wing government in memory, compete with massive cuts to arts and culture funding and statements [from Prime Minister Stephen Harper] like, ‘The average Canadian doesn’t care about art.’"

Circlesquare loves David Lynch and Harold and Maude!
“Lynch always creates an underlying tension. It could be through sound design or unnerving images that are never really referred to or resolved, but there is always a bit of unease with everything he does. The ability to create a tension that might not ever climax is a really amazing thing. Harold and Maude includes nearly everything that I value in life and art: it’s dark without being sinister, sly and funny without being smarmy or negative, incredibly stylish and it’s a reminder to remember what it is to be full of wonder. It has very bleak moments and a somewhat bizarre, morose tone at times, yet at the end of it all, it’s bittersweet and optimistic. Plus it has an all-Cat Stevens soundtrack, which is incredible.”

Circlesquare moved to Berlin but still loves Vancouver!
“Vancouver pros: sushi and coffee. Cons: rain and no nightlife. Berlin pros: nightlife and techno. Cons: never-ending nightlife and the single-bar-looping deep-house revival…. I’m doing a project about the 1986 Vancouver Expo, so that’s become an imposed obsession of sorts. I scour eBay daily, looking for random ephemera from it and have had days digging through the Vancouver archives.”

Circlesquare is named after a Christian kids' show from the '70s!
“I barely remember the show [Circle Square] but for the theme song, and the way they’d sing their address for people wanting to send letters. It was on on Sunday mornings when there was nothing else on TV. It had these puppets mixed with real kid actors. I didn’t really realize that it was Christian at the time, even though I was going to church in those days. I have no idea why I missed this point. I definitely found it somewhat creepy, yet continued to watch. It was like a Sunday school show for kids who didn’t go to Sunday school, but [set] on a ranch… with puppets.”