Favorite Fashions

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XLR8R asks: What is your favorite fashion look of the last five years?

Joshy D
"Tattoo imagery. Although I don't consider my company a disposable trend, the acceptance of tattoos on skin and in fashion has given Rebel 8 more exposure, popularity, and legitimacy. And I love the resurgence of glam and punk fashion. There is nothing wrong with having a 1980s time capsule as your wardrobe."

San Francisco's Joshy D runs t-shirt company Rebel 8.

Bob Kronbauer
"Wool scarves as caps. Like when you drape a scarf over your head and tie it under your neck. Kinda like Jackie O-style, but ghetto...and for dudes."

Vancouver, B.C.'s Bob Kronbauer is a photographer and graphic designer who owns the clothing label and artist collective Crownfarmer.

Roxy Summers
"God loves Cam'ron Giles, the man that made pink a trend. Before the purple haze of 2004, Cam'ron could be seen rocking a pink mink, a pink Range Rover, pink polos, and even pink fatigues. Dude pulled it off and had Tommy Hilfiger taking notes as well as the rest of the world. No homo? Yes, homo! Not just a fashion icon but a rapper too? We love you killa Cam'ron!!!"

Roxy Summers (a.k.a. Oxy Cottontail) is a New York party promoter and partner in clothing company aNYthing.