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The Big Dada MC and Producer Tells Us About His Favorite New MCs

P. Money
Brand new and breaking bars in grime, P. Money came into the scene later on and was very consistent as part of the O.g'z. With his strong lyrical content, constant appearances on the radio, and regularly released records, he's one of the most called/mentioned names in 2010.


His energy on stage reminds me of myself. He worked with me for a long time, and put a lot of hard work into what he's doing. He's also been really persistent to get on the radio. He sold his mixtapes on the street, and worked hard overall alongside P. Money to establish the O.g'z.


Shorty's got a good, new range of flow and style. He doesn't talk about violence—just talks about life, with a catchy, broken-down flow that's easy to understand. He does the opening verse on the smash club track "Too Many Man" by Boy Better Know; this song is banging at the moment! Download Short Man Syndrome, his newest free mixtape right here.


I like Maxsta cos he reminds me of Kano around 2001. He's really great with his lyrics, has a crazy high work rate, has knocked out a lot of tunes, and always works with various people. Great lyrics and delivery.


He's someone you need to look out for. Excellent lyrical content but he's got a melodic flow, and produces as well. He's consistent too, and makes a lot of music. He has a new album coming out on the Boxfresh site, he's got a different style and he works hard to get his material out.


Jahmanji is out now on Ninja Tune