Friends of Friends of Friends

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Weirdo pomp-and-circumstance pop with the airy, ’60s edge of Ariel Pink and the prog-disco leanings of MGMT. Rearrangerologyistics is out now on Lucky Madison.

Dirty Mittens
Driven by Chelsea Morrissey’s unmistakable trill and her lyrics about awkward times, this band manages a summery, light sound despite a rather prominent horn section. Their new EP, Pinky Swear, was produced by Double Dutch’s Dhani Rosa.

Boy Gorilla Records
Boy Gorilla Records was started in April 2006 by Devin Gallagher to release music from assorted BFFs he went to high school with in Salem. It releases home tapes, CD-Rs, and other collaborative small-batch audio experiments, mostly made by bands whose members can’t drink legally.

Creepy party jams, acoustic experiments, and the seedlings of some very gripping confessional folk-pop characterize Ghosties, Devin from Boy Gorilla’s solo project.

Many layers of guitar, bass, and trumpet over tight rhythms and odd, off-key vocals are the signatures of this young, yet musically mature, jam squad.

Eskimo & Sons
A quirky, multi-layered, rhythmic indie-folk hullabaloo complete with tuba and violin, and led by the sweet yodeling of Danielle Sullivan (who dates Kyle Morton of Typhoon). As of September 6, the band has stopped playing shows, so too bad for you.

Double Dutch
Dhani Rosa and Jordan Bagnall of Eskimo & Sons play in Double Dutch, a clever amalgamation of electronics, shuffling drums, campfire sing-alongs, and Bagnall’s girlish voice and violin playing. Their debut, Gungle Dungn, is out now on Bang Back.

Breakfast Mountain
As Breakfast Mountain, Dhani Doubledutch and Devin Ghosties make psychedelic 8-bit crunk that alternates between freaky dance jams and kooky hip-hop, as on the Kriss Kross-sampling “Kewl Got Any N00DS.”

Southern Belle
Funny, honest, keyboard-driven pop from four under-21s with a cool sense of rhythm. Hurry Up and Thrill Me, their debut, is out soon.

Guidance Counselor
If I Am the World Trade Center was one person, and had a creepier (well… guidance counselor-esque) vibe, then it might add up to the synth-and-pedal-driven electro-pop of this dude.

Self-conscious and catchy synth-driven pop from a trio that look like Klaxons’ West Coast cousins. Their self-titled debut was just released on Badman Recordings.

As Copy, Marius Libman makes riveting, computerized disco dance that’s been favorably compared to Ratatat, Timbaland, and Delia Gonzalez, but also contains a heavy dose of 8-bit trickery and influence from melodic electro outfits (think Clone and Gigolo Records).

Three guys make strutting vocal disco that drips with sex in the style of Rod Stewart’s “D’ya Think I’m Sexy” and Rolling Stones’ ”Miss You.”