Guest Reviews: Dominik Eulberg

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Dominik Eulberg doesn't exactly win originality points for being a German techno producer with a penchant for lush melodies and an impeccable attention to detail, but his unabashed love for ornithology and time spent working as a German national park ranger certainly sets him apart from the crowd. Eulberg's been melding techno with nature sounds since 2003, an effort that continues on his latest full-length, Diorama, on Traum. Each song on Diorama was inspired by a different natural wonder, a unique list that includes water, ants, and glow worms. When he's not making music or exploring the wilderness, Eulberg also maintains a busy DJ schedule, so we asked him to tell us about some of his favorite tunes at the moment.

Gabriel Ananda "Smash" (Basmati)


I value Gabriel not only as a human being, but also as a fantastic musician. In a distinctive manner, he manages to combine melodies that lacerate the heart with organic beats and unpredictable arrangements. Because he records most of his tracks live, they unfurl a brutal energy. "Smash" has been heavily shaking up dancefloors in my set for a year now. It is music which really wakes you up.

Coma "Playground Altona" (Kompakt)


The Cologne guys of Coma are people I have always liked, but with their new record they have really surprised me. There are really smart arrangements that display a love for detail alongside sophisticated melodies, creating a wonderful feeling of blessedness. "Playground Altona" is a perfect closing track for the coming open-air season.

Averos "Tom (Jesse Somfay Remix)" (Farver)


I have been fan of Jesse’s intelligent and lucid music for a long time now. Few people are able to create and depict such a wonderful primal feeling in a musical way, a feeling which slumbers deep inside all of us. He is determined and takes all of the time needed until the atmosphere has penetrated our spine and bones.

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins "John Taylor's Month Away" (Double Six)


For me, Jon Hopkins is one of the greatest discoveries of the last few years. Finally, there is a producer who can really compose and record his music in a refined way. His new album, Diamond Mine, shows another facet of his abilities, offering moving and comforting music that lays a warm blanket around one's heart.