Guest Reviews: Rick Wilhite

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Techno holds in the top spot in Detroit's fabled dance-music history, but Rick Wilhite has been holding down the house end of the equation for more than two decades. Previously the owner of the Motor City's storied Vibes New and Rare Music record shop, Wilhite also has an extensive resume as a party promoter, DJ, and producer. Often referred to as The Godson, in the mid-'90s Wilhite first released a few records under his own name. During that same era, he also helped launch the 3 Chairs project with Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr., and Malik Pittman. Following the closure of his store, Wilhite has increased his production output, compiling last year's Vibes New and Rare Music compilation for Rush Hour, and this month he'll be releasing his debut full-length album, Analog Aquarium, via the Still Music imprint. We caught up with Wilhite, fresh off the plane from a DJ tour in Japan, and asked him what new tunes have been perking up his veteran ears.

Jovonn "A Definition of a Track" (Late Night Audio)
Jovonn has done it again. He's giving us the true sound of late-night house music on his new Revivial EP. Just like always, the first song—the original version of "A Definition of a Track"—is real right off the top. This is going into my rotation right now.

Andrestitle TBA (Mahogani)
Andres is coming again. He's a raw Detroit talent who is known for his production skills. This full, four-track release will leave you mesmerized and stunned. Although Andres is viewed as a hip-hop producer, his talent for making house music way exceeds his reputation.

Moody "Freeki Muthaf cker (All I Need Is U)" (KDJ)
Once again, Moodymann has grabbed our spirit and soul. This 12" also features remixes by two of electronic music's great producers: Juan Atkins and Egyptian Lover. Egyptian Lover takes you back to the '80s with his authentic 808 style, and Juan amazes us with his mid-'80s classic touch.

Stevie Wonder "Race Babbling (Rondenion Edit)" white label
"Race Babbling" is dope and sick! More than that, it's a song for whoever is aware. This was given to me directly in Japan by Rondenion. Much love and blessings from The Godson. Keep Japan alive.