Hi, Doctor Nick! - Air Miles, Saving Money on Coffee, and Letting Your Demo Find Its Way to the Right People

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Nick Hook's time is valuable. Our resident advice columnist is a busy dude, someone who's constantly in the studio, DJing parties, making beats, or hopping on a plane for something—that's why he's got so much knowledge rolling around in his head. Doctor Nick can talk music, gear, DJing, romance, fashion, travel, and more. Here's the thing though—you have to ask him questions. Hit him up at doctornick@xlr8r.com. Admittedly, this week's crop of inquiries was admittedly subpar, but even that didn't stop the good doctor—he just skipped the questions entirely and let the wisdom flow.


It's 1 a.m. My editor Shawn is gonna kill me. The questions were really bad this week so I gotta make some stuff up. Can you guys please send me questions? doctornick@xlr8r.com. It would suck to get fired.

I did some awesome studio shit this week—mad work with El-P. "Run the Jewels" is the illest shit ever. The god Prince Paul came by. Le1f and Ian Isiah were making hot fire yesterday, and then J-Cush and Nguzunguzu rolled through. It feels good. Contrary to what y'all might believe, the energy is really good here.

I stopped by Red Bull Music Academy. Such good vibes. The newspaper, Daily Note, is amazing. Damn, read all of those. They are on the internet. I saw the Round Robin jam sessions. Bernie Worrell really makes life worth living.

Okay, let's get down to business.

First off. Real talk. Stop clogging the Doctor Nick email with demos. I love all of you guys. A lot. Like, the most. But I don't want demos. I can't help everyone work on their music. I don't even have time to work on my own music right now. Seriously.

Think of things this way. I never go watch movies, but if someone comes up to me and is like, "YO—You need to go see this movie," I'd probably go see it. Think of your demo that way. If it gets to x/y/z person that way, odds are that they are probably gonna go, "Word. Yeah. I should listen to that." But if some stranger came up and said, "You need to go see this movie," you'd be like, "Nah..."

Other than that, I was saying on Twitter—collect your air miles. One day you will be trying to go see some girl you met randomly somewhere and if you save up enough, you can magically go for free and then use your money to buy her dinner and flex that you treat girls right.

And also, if you are on tour and you like iced lattes at Starbucks or whatever, get an espresso over ice, and just pour the milk in at the counter. It's like $2.25 for a shot of espresso and $4.50 for a latte. That's like 900 extra bucks in one year if you like coffee like I do.

That's it for now. Follow me on Twitter (@nickhook) and stuff. Enlighten me. Tell me stories. Send in more questions. Tell your friends to read.

Okay bye.

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