Hi-Five: Alison Swing

The Dig Deeper boss reveals her favorite euphoric disco and house records.
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Alison Swing is a DJ, promoter, and self-described vinyl junkie originating from Los Angeles, California. Swing has dedicated herself to exploring sounds that can make a body move, a skill she’s put to use spinning alongside selectors such as Axel Boman, The Black Madonna, Jeremy Underground, and DJ Sprinkles. With her curator-in-crime, Masha, she is also a co-founder and resident DJ of Dig Deeper, the party series in-the-know locals flock to that pushes warm house, euphoric disco, Scandinavian beats, romantic techno, and everything in between—the weirder and funkier, the better. After a recent relocation to Berlin this past year, where she recently landed a residency at Wilde Renate, things are not showing any signs of slowing down. With this in mind, we caught up with Swing one afternoon to hear about her five favourite euphoric disco and house records

Axel Boman "ABBA 002" [Studio Barnhus]

This was the first Studio Barnhus record I ever heard—and I completely fell in love with the label after this. How could you not love it? One of those hands-in-the-air-shit-eating-grin anthems.

Mic Mills "Wonderland" (Edit) [Big Doint] 

This is one of those tracks that whenever I'm in a bad mood I put it on and immediately feel much happier. I fell in love with it when it came out but a bunch of Discogs sharks put the price far too high and I was desperate to close with it at my first DJ set. So I ended up paying far too much for it and then it was repressed the week after! Still one of my most treasured records though.

David & Hjalti "Whatever You Want" [Lagaffe Tales] 

I didn't think I'd find something this groovy from Iceland! All round a really great record. I'm (clearly) a sucker for a good disco sample.

Los Massieras "Rumore d'Amore" (Cocktail d'Amore rework) [bananamania] 

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 15.50.01

I came across this record while looking through some bins in Berlin before I moved here. It's been a staple for me in my sets! I love the big dramatic breakdown. It always works for the very late nights/early morning crowds.

Suco "Mum Said Chocolate Isn’t Good For Dogs" (FIO Edit) [Superconscious Records]

I love these hard and kind of aggressive disco edits! This is the essential one for me from recent records.

Swing will perform this coming weekend at Berlin's Wilde Renate, sharing a bill with Jonny Rock, Simon Haydo, Benjamin Fröhlich, and more. More information here