Hi-Five: Camea

The Bpitch Control mainstay selects her top techno make-out tracks.
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'Tis the season for mistletoe, egg nog, and sitting by the fireside getting cozy with your significant other. In short, it's kissing season! For those who like to get all lovey-dovey to an electronic soundtrack, we have a special holiday treat: a roundup of smooch-worthy tracks, thoughtfully compiled by Camea. Now in the midst of a short U.S. tour with dates in LA, New York, Denver and D.C., the DJ-producer's career path has followed an winding but ever-upward arc, one that started in in Seattle in the late '90s and continued on to New York for much of the '00s, where she began to garner attention through for her techno/tech-house musings as a DJ, producer and coleader of Clink Recordings. But it was a 2007 relocation to Berlin (where else?) that sealed the deal—following the move, she's recorded for such standout labels as M_nus, My Favorite Robot, Plus 8 and Get Physical, and since 2011 has been a core member of Ellen Allien's BPitch Control cadre, all the while fashioning the kind of music that's both brimming with emotion and perfect for late-night dancefloor shenanigans. And speaking of those shenanigans, scroll down for Camea's Five Techno Make-Out Tracks.


1. Cryptik "Radiance" (Figure Music)

Johannes Heil is a regular in my DJ playlists as well as on Len Faki’s label Figure, and I love his euphoric, left-field techno alias Cryptic. He’s only done a few releases under this name, but I hope to see a lot more in the future. Ironically cataloged at release number 69, his "Radiance" from this past summer is a great date night soundtrack—and is my current top make-out techno pick.

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2. Benjamin Damage "Pulse Width" (50 Weapons)
Take it from a lady: If you want to impress someone with your home vibes on date night, then play Benjamin Damage’s new album Obsidian (side-note recommendation: with Toumbac Scented Candles from A.P.C and a bottle of quality red—I’m really giving you all of the guns, now so get on it). I don’t need to say much more than that—the entire collection on this LP is a stunning piece of poetic techno, and if you don’t get a smooch for playing it then you have bad breath. Brush next time.

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3. Abstract Division "Metropolis" (Function Remix) (Dynamic Reflection)
So, I have a plane-crash playlist on my iPhone. I know that must sound morbid, but I’m a John Cusack Say Anything–type romantic, and if I’m going down then I want to be prepared for an epic last moment. That being said, I don’t think this would be possible without a Function track somewhere in the mix. Dave’s music is passionate and utopian, much like his personality, and can turn any crazed Berghain techno floor into a heavy petting zoo. This remix of Abstract Division on Dynamic Reflection was one of my favorites from him this year.

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4. Baby Ford "Gravy Train" (Perlon)
My apologies to the electronic-music community, but "minimal’" will have a place in my heart forever. Good analog minimal, not Beatport minimal. Maybe you had to be there, maybe you didn’t, but anyone that ever hung out in Berlin at Bar 25 or Club Der Visionaere ten years ago and sat alongside the river through many moon and sun rises, has probably had an after-hours make-out moment to a Baby Ford or Soul Capsule track. Baby Ford is my #1 after-after-after-hour make out choice forever.

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5. Camea "Moonwalk Away" (Locked Groove Remix) (BPitch Control)
This is a vinyl-only remix that Locked Groove did for me in 2014 on BPitch Control, as a follow up to my "Neverwhere" single. I love romantic, arty techno—and LG is the king of classy, wine-and-cheese epics. The gorgeous strings in this track were recorded in Belgium, and this mix is still on regular play on my rainy day, "let’s-just-stay-in" playlist.

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Every 3rd Friday of the month, catch Camea's Neverwhere Radio show on Digitally Imported.

Upcoming Camea tour dates:
12/16 Couture, Los Angeles
12/18 Verboten, New York
12/19 Hai Bar, Denver
12/31 Flash, Washington D.C.