Hi-Five: Daniel Avery Shares His Favorite Pieces of "Misty-Eyed Techno"

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Daniel Avery's ascent from budding upstart to established talent has been quicker than most, with his flurry of critically regarded EPs and singles building steam throughout 2012 and rasing the London producer/DJ's profile well into 2013. Earlier this week, Avery landed on a new milestone in his still young career by releasing his debut LP, Drone Logic, via Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label. But even with this new, fully formed artistic statement in our hands, there is still a lot we do not know about the unassuming Avery, which is why we've asked him to put together a collection of tunes for our latest installment of Hi-Five. He's responded by selecting a few choice cuts of what he calls "misty-eyed techno," highlighting tracks from the likes of James Holden, Dauwd, and Barnt while giving some insight into the tender, melodically rich productions that continue to inspire him.

Holden "Blackpool Late Eighties"

This is one of the most beautiful electronic tracks I've heard in years. James Holden has always been an innovator who can take elements from all over the musical spectrum and apply them to his own unique brand of club music.

Oni Ayhun "OAR003-B"

It literally does not get any better than this record—a perfect moment of dancefloor euphoria that I never want to end.

Dauwd "Silverse"

I am obsessed with this track at the moment. I want to call it "space techno," but is that too cheesy? I'm going to do it anyway. It totally fills my head.

Barnt "What Is a Number, That a Man May Know It?"

Barnt is a really interesting new character that has emerged on the European electronic scene. The music is Krautrock meets late-night techno, but never in a contrived way. This record sounds like the kind of thing you'd hope Tony Wilson would be signing today were he and Factory still around.

Daniel Avery "Drone Logic (Factory Floor Remix)"

Apologies for picking something with my name on it, but I'm still so excited that I got my favorite new band to remix one of my tracks, and I couldn't be happier with the results. This remix is relentless but perfectly controlled, and it really comes to life when you hear it in the middle of a dark room.