Hi-Five - Dauwd Selects His Favorite Tunes from the Kompakt Catalog

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Dauwd isn't a prolific artist. Since he first surfaced a few years back, the London-based producer has issued only a handful of releases, first via the Pictures Music label and later for Ghostly International. Still, even with a relatively small discography, Dauwd has managed to turn heads; last year, he popped up in one of our Bubblin' Up features, and in February, he announced that his latest EP, Kindlinn, would soon see the light of day via the storied Kompakt imprint. The three-track effort—which is currently streaming in full online—was officially released this week, so we invited Dauwd to mark the occasion by participating in our Hi-Five series. As his selections demonstrate, his choice to link up with Kompakt wasn't a random one; the label has been influential in shaping Dauwd's sound, and he's elected to honor that by choosing his five favorite selections from Kompakt's extensive catalog.

Dettinger "Blond"

This is KOM 2, so it's one of the very early releases for Kompakt. The whole EP is subtly charming, with half the EP fairly ambient, and the other very much for the floor, which [became] the classic Kompakt formula. It samples Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd's "The Ghost Has No Home," gently driving the source to a hypnotic, warm place.

DJ Koze "Mariposa"

I am a huge fan of DJ Koze's work, as his productions are wonderfully playful, and of the highest standard. His Pampa Records output is some of my favorite music, but for Kompakt, this has to be the one. It builds slowly and never gives too much away.

The Orb "Ripples"

From the album Okie Dokie It's The Orb on Kompakt, a great comeback record for The Orb. Possibly inspired by the young people they influenced?

Triola "Leuchtturm (Wighnomys Polarzipper Remix)"

I love Robag Wruhme's work and here, as Wighnomy Brothers, he stripped Triola's acidy dream down to a minimal, harder edge.

Closer Musik "One Two Three (No Gravity)"

Mysterious and graceful, this is a great record. I listen to it over and over and have done so since I discovered it.