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Hi-Five: E/Tape

The discreet DJ selects five of his favorite cuts ahead of this year's Experiment Intrinsic Festival.
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E/Tape is as anonymous an artist as they come. There is almost nothing published about him online, or elsewhere. “I don’t want to expose too many things about myself; I just want to expose the music,” he says to us in a previous Skype conversation. “It’s not about presenting myself; it’s about presenting what comes out of me.” Naturally, he does very little press and remains out of the public eye. But he maintains a loyal and growing fan base, all of whom appreciate his downtempo and hypnotic DJ sets. He is, as those who listened to his podcast for us will testify, a talented digger and a fine selector — a dedicated artist in every sense. Here, in this week’s Hi-Five, he selects five of his favorite cuts ahead of his performance at this year's Experiment Intrinsic, which takes place from August 4 to 7 at Le Parc de Joséphin Baker, Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, France. More information is available here.

Random Logic ‎"Numrebs" (Label Tehnika; 2001)



Random Logic, an inspiration from my high school days in 2000 and it hasn't stopped inspiring since then. It never leaves my bags. We used to share office and studio, thankful to have those times to share words, thoughts, and ideas.

Enumclaw ‎"Opening Of The Dawn: (Honeymoon Music; 2009)



Sitting, listening, contemplating. This is music for the background or foreground. The mystery behind listening to certain tracks that challenge us with a new perspective.

Fires Of Ork "When The Night Was Black: (Label Fax +49-69/450464; 2000)



Pleasant flotation created by the Gier Jenssen (a.k.a Biosphere) and Pete Namlook. Where I used to live, many times at night I would go on top of the hill behind the house, where you had this amazing overview on the island, nature, stars, and space. I would sit and listen to this track.

Brian Eno "I Dormienti" (Lable Opal Records, year 1999)



Well, Brian Eno! Since encountering this piece, it has never left my bags and devices. It's unfolding vortex of sound, chants, and voices always drive me all the way home.

Miguel Molina "Agua de estrellas"



Loving, giving, and receiving. To all those endless nights of diving and revealing deeper into dimensions of existence. This acoustic piece and words would be used or sang by someone in the circle. And here the combination of Zamy's voice and string pulling by Rolando, even now when I hear it …. Exaltation.. :)