Hi-Five: Fantastic Mr Fox

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Fantastic Mr Fox has never been a prolific artist, but he is one that we always make a point to check out on the infrequent occasions when he does release new music into the world. Earlier this week, the UK-born, Berlin-based producer issued "The Trap" b/w "Jackal Youth," once again via longtime label home Black Acre. Curious about some of the sounds that inspired its genesis, we asked Fantastic Mr Fox to participate in our Hi-Five series, and he obliged by selecting five YouTube clips featuring tunes that he found particularly illuminating in one way or another.

Eddie Kendricks "My People Hold On"

I'm working on an album at the moment, so I've been trying to listen to music that I can enjoy without being too influenced by it. This is one of my favorite discoveries. I've loved the J Dilla version of this for a long time, but hadn't heard the original until recently. I was completely blown away by the sound of this when I first heard it.

Palace "Mandy" b/w "Armageddon"

The first time I heard ["Mandy"] was in this YouTube promo video with both singles from the 12" mixed together. I loved it, but then was a bit disappointed when I picked up the release and realized they were actually two separate tracks. I love how unpretentious and playful "Mandy" is though, and have played it out a lot. I've got a lot of time for post-bassline speed garage.

Hounds of Hate "Head Anthem"

I swapped a load of music with Hounds of Hate a couple of years ago. All the stuff I have of theirs is really well put together. I'm not sure what's happened to them, but hope they come back with something soon.

Kassem Mosse "GS02"

Kassem Mosse's drum sounds are wicked. I love how his beats sound all over the place yet perfectly balanced at the same time. It's really difficult to pull off what he does.

Clipse "Cot Damn"

When I first started making music as a teenager, I used to be so confused by how simple The Neptunes' productions seemed [when it was so difficult] to make anything that sounded like what they did. The Neptunes' productions, especially their work with Clipse, have always been a big reference point for me. Hell Hath No Fury was a big influence on my new 12".