Hi-Five: Fur Coat

Fresh off the release of their Balance mix, the Crosstown Rebels recording duo serve up five favorite cuts.
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Individually, Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine have been on the scene since the early ’00s—but together as Fur Coat, the pair are of more recent vintage, their big break coming in 2010 when Damian Lazarus plucked the Venezuela-born, Barcelona-based duo's Space Ballad EP from the house-and-techno ether for release on Crosstown Rebels. But in the relatively short time since, Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine have insinuated themselves so deeply into clubland's fabric that it comes as something of a shock that the just-released Balance presents Fur Coat is actually their first official compilation. As you'd expect, it's a set of deep, moody, occasionally dark-hued but always groovy tunes, from the likes of Francesca Lombardo, Tokyo Black Star, Roman Flügel, Âme, Luke Slater, DJ Koze and the boys themselves. As you'd also expect, its a damn addictive set, and should garner lots of play at those late, late–night back-to-mine affairs that some of us seem to end up at on a regular basis. We figured this might be a good time to ask Fur Coat about some of their favorite tunes to spin, and…well, we'll let Muñoz and Sunshine take over from here: "Together we have over 15 years of experience behind the decks, and over that time we have come to appreciate and be influenced by many different genres and artists. Our studio processes and our DJing have a depth and journey within them, similar to our own journeys as artists. We really hope that these five selections show the different aspects of our influences. This are our top five tracks from the other side!"

Robag Wruhme
"Volta Cobby" (Pampa Records)

We have always loved Robag´s work. He has this unique sound which sits somewhere between melodic and techno. You instantly know it’s a track from him—it’s the sounds of his beats and his percussion. Another aspect to his music is that he has this really crisp sound that extracts from the minimal era, but he always manages to present something fresh and interesting. This is the case with "Volta Cobby," one of the tracks from his new EP on Pampa. The track has this great main bassline synth that goes on throughout it, some subtle melodies playing alongside some crazy delayed vocals, and then finishes with a truly majestic touch.

Mind Against & Somne "Vertere" (Life and Death)

Mind Against has been doing a great job. In most our of our sets at the moment, a track of theirs is included. We know Alex Fognini, one of the Mind Against brothers, and we are always exchanging music, that’s how we heard "Vertere." It’s a track with precise, pitched melodies which make up the main hook of the track—these melodies come and go throughout the track, but the bassline offers the perfect platform to allow it it come back again. It also has this repetitive techno influence within the structure giving it a really modern twist, showing their production skill.

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Magit Cacoon "Love Express" (Upon You Records)

This is a pure techno track, and we love playing it when the set is building up. It leads to amazing tension on the dance floor with repetitive voices that say "the beautiful…the beautiful," alongside a kick which has a drop but still allows the bassline to keep rolling. It then builds up again even stronger, and really makes the crowd go off!

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Daniel Avery "Drone Logic" (Rødhåd Remix) (Phantasy)

Rødhåds music, especially his remixes, have been ever-present in our sets since last year. This remix has a very techno essence to it, with some subtle voices going through the track which are melded with some kind of pads. Really tight percussion and a feeling of raw bass with a slight distortion makes for a perfect combination, and is an amazing crowd awakener.

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Linkwood "Object" (Firecracker Recordings)

We have played several tracks from Linkwood over the past few years. This time we have selected a track from his latest LP, "Object." It's another techno track with a very powerful driving feel, the kind that never stops. The main percussion gives an amazing energy to the track, and works really well with the deep pads that roll on through it. "Object" is definitely one of our secret weapons on the dancefloor.

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