Hi-Five: Julia Govor

The Russian artist shares five of her favorite emotive club cuts.
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By now, Russian artist Julia Govor's story should be quite familiar to XLR8R's readers. In short, it goes like this: Govor got her start as an artist in a small military town in Abkhazia, DJing cassettes at the town's nightclub, as well as performing as the lead singer in the local military band Moryachka. Proper forays into DJ culture began in the early '00s, before a relocation to New York—a move which in turn lead to gigs alongside Jeff MillsRichie Hawtin, and Adam Beyer at Output, Time Warp, Awakenings, and Electric Zoo. More recently, Govor has found herself in headline positions around the world at revered venues such as Printworks London, and slots at festivals like Germany's Melt Festival, and with releases now under her belt from some of the scenes' most-loved labels, including Rhythm CultHypertoneCocoonakkult, and Second State, it's safe to say Govor is one of the most in-demand house and techno artists operating today.

For the latest Hi-Five, Govor has selected five of her all-time favorite emotive club cuts, available to stream below.

Julia Govor will be performing alongside Matthew Jonson, KiNK, The Black Madonna, Richie Hawtin, Dixon, Marcel Dettmann, Cut Copy, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, and Hito at CRSSD Festival, which takes place September 30 to October 1 in San Diego. You can grab tickets to CRSSD here.

01. Kamran Sadeghi "Between Dreams" [MEANDER]

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It's not easy to create a detailed sound in music, if it's too busy it can be destructive. People like to hear clear and clean sounds. Personally, I like details and texture. I can name a few great composers/producers who can create these complex sounds skilfully, and one in particular is Kamran Sadeghi. When I listen to "Between Dreams," I hear many things: warm pads, sharp hi hats, perfectly filtered snares, and powerful basslines. All those little sounds and synth lines rock me back and forth and I feel like I am floating in space, between the planets and stars. Weightless. Timeless.

02. DJ Slip "Every Time It Takes Awhile" [Sub Static]

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I first heard this track about six years ago (four years after DJ Slip produced it) when Ricardo Villalobos played it. I remember the crowd didn't know how to dance to the music but I was immediately taken by it. The real skill of a great DJ is not only hyping up the crowd to the point of clapping and screaming, but also to make them truly feel something! In the moment I heard this track, time stopped. I don't think I had ever heard anything so beautifully produced in my life. It is a classic, minimal techno track. Its minimalism and craft are so complimentary it brings sound to a completely different level. It gives this feeling of creating your own space, using your imagination, and staying connected with reality.

03. Julia Govor "Litmus"

This one is dark and stormy, heavy and emotional. "Litmus" is one of my first solo-produced records. I can hear very clearly now how I was experimenting back then. I was really trying to find my sound and playing with a lot of different styles and genres.

04. Inigo Kennedy "NGC6826 (Blinking Eye)" [TOKEN62]

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This track holds a lot of emotion for me, I cry every time I hear it.
It brings a bittersweet feeling, reminding me of times I didn't express myself and my love for the people around me.

05. Robert Leiner "Avua Viva" [Apolo]

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What an intelligent piece of music! The classic, gold trance track from the '90s. I hear all of those crispy clicks, uplifting pads, warm kicks, and absolutely endless synths. I hear birds in the track and I feel like I am flying right beside them, happy and relieved as we soar in the music. I listen to this track over and over and it never gets old.