High Five: FunkinEven

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UK producer FunkinEven has been relatively quiet in 2012—he's only released a single 12" on his own Apron Records imprint—but that hasn't diminished the enthusiasm for his vintage-flavored and occasionally acid-drenched creations. Granted, he's experimented with various sounds and styles since first emerging in 2009 with the "Kleer" single on Eglo, but acid has often been one of FunkinEven's calling cards. As such, we thought it might be interesting to pick his brain and see if he could put together a list of some of his favorite acid cuts. With any luck, he'll pull out a few of these tunes at the XLR8R-sponsored Dimensions Festival, which is happening in September and features a stacked line-up of performers. Until then, we'll have to content ourselves with these YouTube clips and FunkinEven's thoughts about each selection.

Jaquarius "Love Is Happiness"

This is probably my favourite acid tune, complete madness. It sounds like an experiment recorded "in the moment," messing around with a few knobs, vibing out, [and] making the clouds thunder. This is a very rare, expensive record, released in 1988 [and] written by Jaquarius. Chicago!

Phuture "Acid Tracks"

The birth of acid house using the Roland TB-303 the proper way and not for its failed history as a guitar accompaniment. This song is deep and progressive. It's perfect on the dancefloor after 3 a.m., [when] it traps you in its bassline and [the] squealing frequencies that you hear from the resonance and cutoff 303 knobs tweaking. This one takes you on a real journey! Released in 1987 and written by Herbert J, DJ Pierre, [and Spanky]. Chicago!

Marcellus Pittman "There's Somebody Out There"

Absolutely love this track, it kind of reminds me of Phuture's "Acid Tracks." [There's a] similar arrangement and vibe, [it 's] real deep! As it says on the tin, "There's Somebody Out There." Yes! It feels like a communication to another dimension, a morse code to another planet or other beings! Released in 2007, written by Marcellus Pittman. Detroit!

TNT "New Love"

This is a straight-to-the-point, raw acid tune. I love to play this out, it works all the time. [There's] a long drum intro, then all of a sudden, a loud, aggressive 303 line drops in and pulls the crowd to scream! DOPE! Released in 2007, written by TNT. Detroit!

Marcus Mixx "Psychousic"

This man really knows how to work Roland gear, especially the TR-707. Anything he does is real "nuts" and you have to have real "guts" to play his shit. The first time I heard Theo Parrish play this at Plastic People, my mind exploded. I had to have this 12" immediately. Recorded in 1987, released in 2007, and written by Marcus Mixx. Chicago!