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Sure, we're always curious to know about an artist's upcoming release, most recent tour, or arsenal of analog gear, but XLR8R's also got a curiosity for quirk. Thus, each week, we email a different artist and find out what makes them tick, in the studio and in life. Now, Adrien Michna is a busy guy, remixing for other artists, producing acts like Bonde Do Role, as well as DJing under his Egg Foo Young guise, but the Brooklyn, NY-based artist took a few minutes this week to talk shop (wood shop, that is), law enforcement, and super powers with XLR8R.

What are you listening to right now?

Adrian Michna: Audio selections from System D-128's Check 1, 2 DVD.

What's the weirdest story you ever heard about yourself?

AM: This Miami girl, who now lives in NYC, came up to me and said, "You know, I used to not like you, but now I like you." So I hung out with her (it was just talking, dude) and once I got to know her as a person, I thought she was wack.

What band did you want to be in when you were 15?

AM: Ministry, Primus, and Parliament.

Worst live show experience?

AM: Seriously, put me in a dive bar in Nebraska and I'll find a way to make the best of it.

Favorite city to play in?

AM: Budapest and Shanghai come to mind, and Miami is always fun.

Your bio says that you build furniture for a hobby. What is the last thing you made?

AM: Custom tables for the live show, with rounded edges, so you don't snag your hip bone. I do a lot of uneven rounding with the electric sander.

What is your favorite thing you own?

AM: My SP-1200, my vinyl, and my whole studio.

Name one item of clothing you can't live without.

AM: In the winter I need a hat to cover my ears, and APC jeans are a nice touch. I also [have] some B.U.M. equipment hot tops.

Which superhuman power would you rather have: the ability to fly, x-ray vision, or telekinesis?

AM: I'd like to be able to walk on water and walk on walls.

What did you always get in trouble for when you were little?

AM: As a teen, I got busted for trespassing, possession of marijuana, petty larceny, vandalism, and extortion. The American public school system should teach law starting [with] seventh grade.

What other artist would you most like to work with?

AM: Van Gogh.

What's the last thing you read?

AM:I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max.

Complete this sentence: In the future...

AM: Electronic displays and interfaces will go holographic.

What's next?

AM: Prepping a U.S. tour with Eliot Lipp; rehearsing with my four-piece live band (we're called Michna with Raw Paw); doing music for an art show with Freegums in L.A. in March; finishing up remixes for Santogold and Daedelus; DJing at Andrea Parker's Music Installation in London, May 2009; writing some new tunes with Diplo for his next record; trying to finish two mixtapes (one is with [Ghostly founder] Sam Valenti and another is with Dust La Rock); working on some infomercials; trying to be more regular with the yoga. Also, I am supposed to deliver a new EP to Ghostly for 2009. When the weather gets nice, I'll try to soup up my bike!

Triple Chrome Dipped - Michna