Just Jeremy: A Book That Bares All

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From toys to tees to treads, Sydney, Australia-based Jeremyville is a tireless supporter of the myriad manifestations of our generation's style and design. Following Vinyl Will Kill, his 2004 tome about designer toy culture, Jeremyville Sessions (IdN; hardcover, $40) is a visual riot documenting this unrestrained doodler's staggering array of collaborative projects: figurines for Qee and Kid Robot; illustrations with Deanne Cheuk and Geoff McFetridge; customized Adicolor sneakers and "Sketchel" messenger bags.

More than just an artist monograph, the book and its accompanying DVD dismantle design's ivory tower as Jeremy lays bare his creative process–from blank templates and step-by-step photos, to interviews where he explains how collaborations have paved the way to his worldwide success. For those seeking strictly visual treats, the volume also comes with a poster, stickers, and a grip of free computer wallpapers and screensavers.