Kid Acne's Favorite Things

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He’s baaaaaack. On September 17, U.K. hip-hop prankster/chip-shop gangster Kid Acne delivered Romance Is Dead, another dose of punchy, balls-out old-school punk rap on Lex Records. “The songs are shorter, the lyrics are better, and the whole thing only lasts half an hour. Smash-and-grab hip-hop!” explains the affable MC from his “typical terrace house in Sheffield (the kind you see on Coronation Street).” When he’s not busy penning lyrics about Ray-Bans and step aerobics, our Kid is, of course, a renowned graffiti artist, whose designs grace Montana spraypaint cans, knitted sweaters, and walls from Barcelona to Baku, Azerbaijan (yes, really). He’s also into Pete Nice and David Attenborough telly programs, and reminds you not to front on British food (faves include Barnsley Chops, faggots, and black pudding). In the midst of a pub tour to promote the new record–with pint-pullin’ stops at Ipswich’s The Swan and Luton’s George II–Kid Acne provided us these fine drawings of his favorite things.

Blaireau Pin Badge
I fucked up the proportions a bit, but this was a present from my friend Susan. It’s a pin badge of a badger reading a book. She found it at a car-boot sale near Paris. Blaireau is French for badger–it’s a kind of an affectionate insult that my French buddies call one another. I wear this on the side of my flat cap. J’ai kiffes.

Pilot G-1 0.5
I’ve used this drawing pen for the past 10 years. They used to sell them in the shop at art college. In a paranoid fear of them ever being discontinued, I bought myself a bulk load last year but my supply is running low. I’ll order some more this week, I think. I love these pens.

Moomin Figures
I’m not massively into vinyl toys, but I found this little bunch in a department store in Helsinki. I used to love the Moomins animation–the one with felt, not the cartoon version. My Zebra Face character, which I made a comic book of a few years back, is kind of based on Moomins, so I guess if I did make any vinyl toys myself they’d end up looking something like this. They had a felt version too, which were a bit bigger. Well good.