Labels You Love: The Top 20 Labels, as Voted by XLR8R Readers

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Throughout the week, the XLR8R editorial staff has spent a lot of time touting the Labels We Love. (For anyone who missed it, the entire series can be revisited here.) Yet no edition of Labels We Love would be complete without also hearing from the XLR8R readers, who turned out in droves over the past few days to vote for their favorite imprints. Counting the thousands of votes and tabulating the final results was no simple task, but we've managed to arrive at a list of the top 20 labels, as selected by the XLR8R faithful. There are a few surprises on there, but what's really striking is how often the audience's tastes align with our own. Regardless, after viewing the final results, one thing is certain: we feel really good about our readers' listening habits.

1. Warp
2. Ninja Tune
3. Ghostly
4. Brainfeeder
5. Project: Mooncircle
6. Dropping Gems
7. Hyperdub
8. Night Slugs
9. L.I.E.S.
10. Friends of Friends
11. Anticon
12. Hessle Audio
13. LuckyMe
14. Stones Throw
15. Ostgut Ton
16. Aus
17. Swamp81
18. Tri Angle
19. Body High
20. Wedidit