Labels You Love: The Top 20 Labels, As Voted by XLR8R Readers

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All week long, XLR8R is presenting its annual focus on Labels We Love. Click here to check out the rest of the series.

Over the past four days, XLR8R's editorial staff has been touting all of its favorite labels, and while we appreciate people's willingness to check out what we have to say, it only seems fair that we also let our audience weigh in with its thoughts. As such, we're once again wrapping up the Labels We Love series with Labels You Love, a list of the top 20 labels, as voted by XLR8R's readers. Since the polls opened last week, we received thousands of votes, and we've taken the time to count each one and compile the results. (For those who might be wondering, there has definitely been a significant amount of turnover since last year.) We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to participate, and without further adieu, we invite everyone to have a look at the labels you love the most.

1. Warp
2. Atomnation
3. Hyperdub
4. L.I.E.S.
5. Houndstooth
6. Hivern Discs
7. Erased Tapes
8. Brainfeeder
9. Ghostly
10. Crème Organization
11. The Trilogy Tapes
12. Lobster Theremin
13. Ninja Tune
14. Glacial Sound
15. Kompakt
16. Local Action
17. Night Slugs
18. Mood Hut
19. Innervisions
20. R&S